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Activities and  leisure

Activities and leisure

Villaviciosa, centre-eastern coast of Asturias
The village of Villaviciosa is situated on the eastern coast of Asturias and offers numerous possibilities provided by its natural surroundings, historical wealth and excellent gastronomical offering, with Sidra (cider) as its main icon.  All of this makes Villaviciosa the perfect setting to spend your holidays.
Restaurantes en Villaviciosa (Asturias)


Villaviciosa forms part of the Cider Region (Comarca de la Sidra) and has a multitude of cellars producing and commercializing cider, with some even opening their doors to all those interested in learning a little bit more about the cider production process and, of course, in tasting some Culines de Sidra on-site.

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The town is surrounded by perfect places for lovers of outdoor nature sports.

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Apartamentos rurales asturias


Nature lovers can enjoy local floral, fauna and geomorphology observation.

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Playa de rodiles


The best and most beautiful of Asturian beaches can be found all along our coast.  We would be more than pleased to inform you of the best beach options.

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Acuario de Gijón

Plans with children

The charming surroundings, ideal location, and close proximity to the A8 motorway means that there are many options for things to do throughout virtually all of Asturias without long car rides.

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Bodega de sidra (llagar)

Cider Houses

It would be almost impossible to ignore the relationship that exists between the apple and its fermented product, Sidra, and the history of the Principality of Asturias, and in particular Villaviciosa (the apple capital of Spain).  Both the apple and Sidra are our seal of identity that we wish to share with you.  The best and most famous cellars are strewn throughout the region and open their doors to the public for guided visits and tastings.

Here are some of the best options:
Sidra el Gaitero (www.fundacioncardin.es)





Rutas a pie

Trecking: En la zona tendremos la oportunidad de recorrer sendas milenarias plagadas de historia y belleza. Proponemos 6 rutas temáticas por todos los municipios de la Comarca de la Sidra.
  • Ruta de los molinos (Bimenes PR AS 141)
  • Ruta Peña Cabrera (Cabranes PR AS 52)
  • Ruta de los Misterios del Mar (Colunga PR AS 196)
  • Ruta de la Ribera del río de la Peña (Nava PR AS 198)
  • Ruta de las Cercanías del cielo (Sariego PR AS 197)
  • Rutas del Azabache Villaviciosa (PR AS 197)

 Más información: www.comarcadelasidra.com

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Activities and  leisure

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